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Boudoir Session – Christy


“I feel like a new woman! You really walk out with a new level of self love and confidence.”  


We had the best time shooting the beautiful C’s session!  She is so kind, fun and absolutely gorgeous. I mean, the absolute best part of our job is helping women see that the beauty they have on the inside is also on the outside as well!  

C found us on Google, looking to do a session as a treat for herself and gift to her boyfriend for their anniversary. She told us that she really wanted to relax and have fun, and be able to gift her other half the most beautiful gift, the gift of herself as art!  

Before booking she didn’t even know there was a term, boudoir: Women’s intimate photography.  She said one of her fears before the session was feeling a little awkward having a stranger look at her exposed body. She said that she was telling everyone how excited she was for her upcoming experience, because she never had full makeup done by a professional or had someone take pictures of her like this.. C was most nervous for the posing, as it was all new to her!

She decided to take the leap of faith and do a boudoir session, because she wanted a day about herself!  She said, “I wanted to feel beautiful and 100% in love with my body. Plus, what a great thing to look back on in years to come! Of course the pictures make a sexy gift as well. Who knows, maybe I’ll have that dream walk-in closet someday and my body will be all over the walls! HeHe.” 

When C left, she left feeling “amazing, like a new woman. I felt strong, beautiful, confident and happy!” She was so excited to get her album!  

A few things that she said about how the session was different than she expected it to be. “It was far more organized than you can even imagine. The welcome feeling and comfort from the studio to the staff is astonishing and beyond expectations. Did you know that you get a charcuterie board too? Yes, girl! There are snacks, girl, who doesn’t love snacks? The Eyelashes, they are literally my new favorite thing I never knew I needed!  I was surprised by how astonishing the place was!”

C said her advice to other women who haven’t book a boudoir session yet would be to,”have fun and most importantly do it for you!  It’s your body, love it and own it!  Take the day and relax, let loose!”  “It’s an experience like no other!  It makes you love yourself. It’s a day about you and what you like. It builds your confidence that all women should have when it comes to their body.”  

When C received her album at her doorstep, she was quick to share with our private, ladies online Facebook group. “I got my album today in the mail and I am complexity obsessed. From the quality, to the layout, and of course the pictures, it’s all perfect!  Thank you 3mpower Women!  

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Why is Hair and Makeup So Important For My Boudoir Session?

Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurt anyone.

A fresh foundation will help smooth your skin from blemishes or discoloration. Even some false lashes will add a “WOW” factor to you! We recommend curls for our clients.

You will be receiving a 60-90 minute hair and makeup application that will blow your mind and confidence! Your artist will be providing a look best suited to fit your needs, comfort level, and boost your confidence here at the studio.



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I was so nervous and anxious to actually do a photo shoot but I am SO glad I did!!

The girls did so absolutely amazing and made me feel absolutely beautiful!

After losing so much weight and then gaining back with pregnancy Ive been having a hard time to accept my body the way it is and these girls definitely did an amazing job with making me feel absolutely beautiful and amazing!!

Jen M.

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