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Showcasing a beauty photoshoot gallery with Jen.  The boudoir images utilize our minimalist style with a bit of flare. 

We primarily used the minimal bed setup with mirror for a large portion of the session.  We also utilized our simple black flower backdrop for some close up shots.  See full gallery below..

When booking a session with our studio, you will be receiving a 60-90 minute hair and makeup application that will blow your mind and confidence! Your artist will be providing a look best suited to fit your needs, comfort level, and boost your confidence here at the studio      

If you are considering booking a boudoir beauty session with our studio, please reach out asap as we currently have limited availability.  Thanks so much for viewing our images, and considering 3mpower Women.

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So, What Exactly Is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography has been an art-form since literally the invention of cameras. Still, there’s a bit of confusion surrounding the topic, so I wanted to take a second to dispel some myths and tell you exactly what boudoir photography is. In short: it’s a series of tasteful, artful sensual images.

Boudoir is NOT pornographic or overly sexual. Boudoir can be fun, flirty, beautiful, cute, sexy, feminine, intimate, candid, posed, or really anything else you want it to be.



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I was so nervous and anxious to actually do a photo shoot but I am SO glad I did!!

The girls did so absolutely amazing and made me feel absolutely beautiful!

After losing so much weight and then gaining back with pregnancy Ive been having a hard time to accept my body the way it is and these girls definitely did an amazing job with making me feel absolutely beautiful and amazing!!

Jen M.

we are available to discuss our process and session specific details