Why is Hair and Makeup So Important For My Boudoir Session?


We encourage all empowered women to “Strive for beauty that can be felt, not just seen”.

We feel that a little R&R can do amazing things for the photoshoot, but more importantly your soul. Relax and completely let go. Our hair and makeup team are very talented and do amazing work.

You will be receiving a 60-90 minute hair and makeup application that will blow your mind and confidence! Your artist will be providing a look best suited to fit your needs, comfort level, and boost your confidence here at the studio

For more intricate styling, it may be a little longer but no worries, we schedule more than enough time. Your satisfaction is all we are looking for. As soon as Hair and Makeup is completed, the artists leave the studio to ensure privacy for your portrait shoot.


Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurt anyone.

A fresh foundation will help smooth your skin from blemishes or discoloration. Even some false lashes will add a “WOW” factor to you! We recommend curls for our clients.

This helps with providing classy photos, or you can get messy in them to give your images a bit of sass! Also make sure to wear a button up or zip up shirt when having your hair and makeup done. You don’t want to mess up any of the hard work, especially onto your lingerie!

Boudoir portrait Gallery simple and modern
Before After

and finally..

Please let your makeup artist know of any allergies to products during the session. If you cannot use certain products such as moisturizer and/or foundation, feel free to pack your own and they can apply.

Ultimately you will receive a beautiful look customized perfectly to you for your photos. You will feel amazing and confident wearing it out for the day afterwards. Makeup will last all day!

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