Heather's Boudoir Experience

Luxury Boudoir Session

Boudoir Session – Heather


“The most uplifting and freeing experience I’ve ever done for myself!


I originally decided to do this boudoir session because my husband has been asking me to do one for quite some time.


I finally mustered up the courage after being referred to 3mpower Women by my friend. I had no idea how this whole experience, start to finish, would make me fall in love with my body. After having 4 babies and devoting my time to everyone else, this experience was just what the doctor ordered!


Take it from me, if you have any reservations about doing something like this, take the leap and just do it!!! You won’t regret one single minute!!!”

Exclusive Session

We now offer behind the scenes and session highlights videos of your boudoir portrait experience.



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Boudoir Session FAQ

How should I prepare?

My best advice to you, is to STRETCH, hydrate, and moisturize. Boudoir Sessions are equivalent to yoga class. The more bendy you are, the easier this will be.


Drinking lots of water helps make you more flexible too, and it’s going to reduce bloating and clear up your skin.


We also really love it when clients have some screen shots of our past sessions to show us examples of poses they really love! 

we are available to discuss our process and session specific details