Maddie’s Third Boudoir Session with 3mpower Women


At 3mpower Women, each boudoir session is a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. Maddie’s third session with us was a testament to this, as she embarked on a transformative experience that combined photography and behind the scenes footage to capture her in all of her unique essence.

A Bridal Journey Reimagined:

Maddie’s session held a special significance, as she brought her bridal gown to commemorate a love that had grown over time. She had a heartfelt plan to gift her husband an album with images from the session for their upcoming vow renewal.

The Power of Video:

What set Maddie’s session apart was the inclusion of videography alongside the traditional photography. The behind the scenes footage captured moments that might have been missed in still images, offering a perspective that beautifully complemented the overall experience. With a majority of wide-angle shots, the footage showcased the setting of the photoshoot, allowing viewers to witness the atmosphere and creative process that led to Maddie’s stunning portraits.

Infused with Glamour and Sultriness:

Maddie’s vision for the session combined elements of glamor and sultriness. We had a vision of some bridal shots that came to life the day of her session. The sessions theme was a harmonious blend of bridal elegance and empowering sensuality, resulting in a series of images that captured Maddie’s multi-faceted beauty.

Candid Moments that Speak Volumes:

Throughout the session, there were candid shots that ended up becoming some of Maddie’s favorites. These unposed moments captured her genuine emotions and candid expressions, allowing her true self to shine through. It’s these authentic moments that often hold the power to truly resonate and make the experience unforgettable.

An Empowering Transformation:

Maddie’s journey during the session was nothing short of inspiring. Beginning with a hint of timidity, she progressively found her comfort zone, basking in her own confidence as the session unfolded. The video, in particular, beautifully documented this transformation, showcasing Maddie’s empowerment and self-assuredness as she fully embraced her own beauty.

Maddie’s third boudoir session was a story of empowerment, self-love, and the beauty that can be found in vulnerability. Through a combination of photography and video, we captured not only her striking visuals but also her inner strength and personal journey. At 3mpower Women, we’re honored to be part of each woman’s empowering narrative, just like Maddie’s, and we can’t wait to help others on their journeys as well.

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Exclusive Highlights

We offer behind the scenes and session highlights videos to capture every detail of your boudoir portrait experience.

With our high-quality 4k videos in both horizontal and vertical format, you are free to share the excitement, confidence, and transformation that take place during your boudoir experience. It’s a visual keepsake that allows you to cherish and share the unforgettable moments that make your boudoir portrait truly exceptional.

At 3mpower Women, we pride ourselves on creating a space where all women can feel empowered, confident, and celebrated. Our skilled team specializes in transformative boudoir photography, meticulously crafting a unique experience to highlight each client’s individual beauty and personality. Our comprehensive service includes professional hair and makeup application, personalized wardrobe selection, and a range of boudoir setups, creating an environment that celebrates each woman’s unique essence. 

Beyond the lens, we’re dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of respect, comfort, and positivity, because we believe in the power of self-love and body positivity. With the added touch of our behind-the-scenes videos, captured in stunning 4k, we provide a fully immersive, empowering experience. Choose 3mpower Women, and embrace the journey of self-love and empowerment.

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From the minute I walked in the door at the studio i felt like a Queen and the center of their world! There is absolutely no reason to be scared with this team! I love all of the attention to detail Gina, Emily, and Courtney have! Then to see my images after my shoot I couldn’t believe it was me. To this day I look at my images and can’t believe it’s me. I highly recommend 3mpower Women for your boudior shoot!


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Q: What if I’ve never done a boudoir session before and I’m not sure how to pose?

A: Don’t worry! Our expert photographers are skilled at guiding you through poses that flatter your body type and showcase your unique beauty. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire session.

Q: How long does a typical boudoir session last?

A: Boudoir sessions usually last around 4 hours, which includes time for hair and makeup preparation, wardrobe changes, and the actual photoshoot. We want to ensure you have ample time to relax, enjoy the experience, and create stunning images.

Q: Can I bring my own lingerie and outfits, or do you provide them?

A: You’re welcome to bring your own lingerie, outfits, and accessories to personalize your session. However, we also offer a diverse and extensive studio wardrobe, ranging from XS to 6X sizes, including lingerie, gowns, and more. You’re sure to find something that suits your style and makes you feel amazing.

we are available to discuss our process and session specific details