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What Should I bring for my boudoir session?

Honestly You Don't Need Much..

Considering 99% of our clients rely solely on the client wardrobe for the lingerie for their sessions, it is not required that you bring anything (wardrobe) for your session.  Here are some great tips on planning your next boudoir photo shoot.

We do ask that you provide 2 pairs of underwear to wear as an added layer of separation between you and our client wardrobe pieces. You must bring 1 black thong and 1 skin tone thong (seamless or g-string work best).

Other than that you are not required to bring anything at all. If you do bring things to wear, please make sure they are in like-new condition, with the tags removed, and if its something that needs to be ironed make sure that happens and then keep it on a hanger for the day of your session.  Below are some helpful suggestions on items and accessories to consider for your next session with 3mpower Women.  

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Items to Consider



Jewelry is a fun thing to bring to personalize your session. Custom pieces or sentimental pieces make great accent items.



We carry a variety of different sizes at the studio and are always acquiring new items.

If you have any heels or high heeled boots you love, and maybe never get to wear, this is a great opportunity to bring them! Please make sure all tags and stickers are removed.


Keep it Loose

We advise to wear loose fitting clothing on the way to your photoshoot to prevent from any lines showing from socks, underwear, etc. The ride to get to the studio as well as the time in the makeup chair could possibly be a few hours so try to stay light and free.


Eye Care

Do you have issues with your eyes drying out or becoming red easily? Please be sure to bring necessary eye drops or solution to keep them looking clear and beautiful.


Food and drink

We have a kitchen area with bottled water, soda, gatorade, as well as coffee and tea. We also have an assortment of fresh fruits and snacks available. There is no need to bring anything, but if there is something particular you would like to bring then please feel free.



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Rochelle Boudoir Testimonial Portfolio

Had a wonderful experience with Gina and her team at 3mpower Women! They make sure you’re comfortable and assist with making sure that you look great for your session! I felt more confident about myself after doing this session! Can’t wait to do it again

Rochelle S.

we are available to discuss our process and session specific details