Empowering Women Through Art

Unveiling the Ultimate Tattoo Giveaway

Are you ready to dive into a world of creativity and self-expression?

We’re thrilled to announce an electrifying event that you’ve been waiting for – our Tattoo Giveaway! Tattoos aren’t just ink; they’re a canvas for stories, a celebration of individuality, and a symbol of personal growth. Read on to discover how fyou can participate and stand a chance to win a $150 gift card to the tattoo artist of your choice.

Giveaway Details:

Mark your calendars for this incredible opportunity! The Tattoo Giveaway kicks off today and will continue until Thursday, August 31st, 2023, at 11:59 PM. To enter, simply add 10 ladies to our women’s only Facebook community and you’ll earn one entry into the giveaway. The more women you add, the more chances you have to win! Keep in mind the official contest ends on the aforementioned date and time, so don’t miss out.

Empowerment Through Art:

At our heart, we are passionate about empowering women. Our women’s only Facebook community is a safe haven where we uplift one another, focusing on empowerment through the art of boudoir photography. Through this Tattoo Giveaway, we aim to extend our commitment to empowerment by encouraging every woman to embrace their unique stories and express them through the art of tattoos.

Prize Information:

Imagine having the chance to get that tattoo you’ve always dreamed of. Our prize is a $150 gift card to the tattoo artist of your choice. Whether you’re envisioning an intricate design or a minimalist piece, this gift card could be your ticket to turning your tattoo dreams into reality.

Rules and Guidelines:

Participating is easy! Add 10 women to the group, and you’ll earn an entry into the giveaway. There’s no limit to how many entries you can accumulate, so keep adding women to increase your chances. The contest is open to everyone, regardless of age or location. Make sure you follow the official rules and guidelines to ensure your participation is valid.

Legal Blurb:

Please note that this giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Facebook in any way. Any information you provide is to the organizers of the giveaway and not to Facebook. By participating, you agree to release Facebook from any responsibility or liability related to this contest.


It’s time to seize the opportunity to showcase your individuality, share your stories, and potentially win big! Our Tattoo Giveaway is the perfect chance to explore the world of tattoos and self-expression, and with a $150 gift card up for grabs, there’s every reason to dive in headfirst. Join us on this journey as we celebrate the art that adorns our lives, the stories that define us, and the empowerment that unites us. Best of luck to all participants, and let the countdown begin!



Join our exclusive Facebook Group today! We have a talented pool of high level photographers and previous clients that share their experience and provide guidance to make sure you are getting exactly what you’re looking for in your boudoir and beauty empowerment session.

At 3mpower Women, we pride ourselves on creating a space where all women can feel empowered, confident, and celebrated. Our skilled team specializes in transformative boudoir photography, meticulously crafting a unique experience to highlight each client’s individual beauty and personality. Our comprehensive service includes professional hair and makeup application, personalized wardrobe selection, and a range of boudoir setups, creating an environment that celebrates each woman’s unique essence. 

Beyond the lens, we’re dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of respect, comfort, and positivity, because we believe in the power of self-love and body positivity. With the added touch of our behind-the-scenes videos, captured in stunning 4k, we provide a fully immersive, empowering experience. Choose 3mpower Women, and embrace the journey of self-love and empowerment.


Exclusive Highlights


With our high-quality 4k videos in both horizontal and vertical format, you are free to share the excitement, confidence, and transformation that take place during your boudoir experience. It’s a visual keepsake that allows you to cherish and share the unforgettable moments that make your boudoir portrait truly exceptional.


23k and counting..


Finishing the image gallery now and had to share some behind the scenes

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The Art of Boudoir vertical light blog

I cannot say enough about my experience with 3mpower! From the first phone call to the final ordering appointment, I felt so comfortable. Gina and her staff do such a great job of making you feel confident. The wardrobe closet is phenomenal! I truly feel like a new woman and I can’t wait to book another session in the future!


boudoir session fAQ

How can I book a boudoir session with 3mpower Women?

Booking a boudoir session with us is easy! Simply head over to our Contact page and choose a date and time that works for you. If you have any questions or special requests, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance.

What should I expect during a boudoir session with 3mpower Women?

Your boudoir session with us is a unique experience tailored to celebrate your individuality and confidence. Our team will provide professional hair and makeup, wardrobe assistance, and expert guidance for poses and expressions. We’ll create a comfortable and empowering atmosphere where you can truly embrace your beauty.

What is the process for selecting and ordering images from my boudoir session?

After your boudoir session, we’ll schedule a Reveal & Ordering Appointment where you’ll get to view your stunning images. Our team will guide you through the selection process, helping you choose the images that resonate with you the most. We offer a range of collections and products to suit your preferences, ensuring your memories are beautifully preserved.

we are available to discuss our process and session specific details