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The Details..

Experience the fusion of artistry and empowerment at our ‘Ink & Empower Boudoir Experience,’ exclusively at the Central PA Tattoo Expo happening from October 6th to 8th, 2023.. This limited-time offer is for those who want to celebrate their unique canvas in a luxurious boudoir photoshoot.

**Show Special**:

Book your boudoir session during the event and receive a FREE session fee (normally $500).
**Post-Event Discount**: Book within 72 hours after the show and get $300 off, paying just a $200 session fee!


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Throne Selfies:

Don’t miss the chance to take a selfie on our iconic throne👇. Get camera-ready and strike a pose! See you at the Central PA Tattoo Expo! 📸🤘

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Exclusive Highlights


With our high-quality 4k videos in both horizontal and vertical format, you are free to share the excitement, confidence, and transformation that take place during your boudoir experience. It’s a visual keepsake that allows you to cherish and share the unforgettable moments that make your boudoir portrait truly exceptional.

At 3mpower Women, we take pride in cultivating a nurturing environment where every woman can bask in empowerment, confidence, and self-celebration. Our adept team specializes in the art of transformative boudoir photography, meticulously curating a one-of-a-kind experience to accentuate the unique beauty and personality of each client.

Our comprehensive service encompasses professional hair and makeup artistry, personalized wardrobe curation, and an array of thoughtfully designed boudoir setups. These elements collectively craft an atmosphere that reveres the distinctive essence of every woman.

But we go beyond the camera lens. We are committed to fostering a space characterized by respect, comfort, and a spirit of positivity. At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief in the potent forces of self-love and body positivity.

Incorporating the captivating touch of our behind-the-scenes videos, recorded in stunning 4k quality, we provide a fully immersive, empowering experience that transcends the ordinary. When you choose 3mpower Women, you embark on a journey of self-love and empowerment like no other.”



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Join our exclusive Facebook Group today! We have a talented pool of high level photographers and previous clients that share their experience and provide guidance to make sure you are getting exactly what you’re looking for in your boudoir and beauty empowerment session.

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I cannot say enough about my experience with 3mpower! From the first phone call to the final ordering appointment, I felt so comfortable. Gina and her staff do such a great job of making you feel confident. The wardrobe closet is phenomenal! I truly feel like a new woman and I can’t wait to book another session in the future!


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Q: What kind of boudoir setups do you offer at 3mpower Women?

A: At 3mpower Women, we offer a variety of boudoir setups, including bed posing, a tastefully crafted bondage set, and minimalist white-themed posing. Each of these settings aims to create a different ambiance, giving you the opportunity to express various aspects of your personality.

Q: What services are included in a 3mpower Women boudoir session?

A: Every session at 3mpower Women includes professional hair and makeup services, access to a full wardrobe of high-end gowns and accessories, and the assistance of our all-women staff team. We aim to ensure your comfort and style throughout your empowering journey.

Q: Do you provide video content at 3mpower Women?

A: Absolutely! We create behind-the-scenes videos in high-quality 4K resolution, providing a unique and immersive look into the journey of empowerment boudoir. This allows you to take home more than just photos, but a complete narrative of your self-love journey.

we are available to discuss our process and session specific details