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How extensive is your boudoir photo editing process?

a quick look at what we do and don't do in the editing process

everything you need to know about boudoir photo retouching


I want to help you feel beautiful now, just the way you are. We flatter you with hair and makeup styling, a wardrobe that compliments your figure, and amazing lighting and posing techniques to highlight your best assets.

I do not believe in heavy photoshopping. Don’t get me wrong, we do retouch all of our images and will gladly remove all of your bruises and pimples, but we don’t want to over manipulate your body to make you look like someone you are not. I want to show you that you are beautiful at this very moment without over the top retouching.

Honestly, most of our clients are WOW-ed at how amazing their images look straight out of camera and opt for less retouching than they thought they needed. It’s all a very personal decision, and one that we leave up to you once you have viewed your images.



We always remove pimples, under eye circles, bruises and scratches. We also retouch cellulite, scars, stretch marks, and small tattoos that you may choose to have removed.

We do not remove tan lines or correct skin tone from tanning beds or spray tans, so proceed with caution. We have editing techniques to keep you from looking “pasty” if that’s a concern!

Our photo editing workflow is a meticulous and extensive process in every image we provide.


Please check out our blog as we will soon provide up to date image galleries, video edits, and behind the scenes boudoir session highlights.

modern white boudoir simple portfolio

each image is carefully crafted to ensure your satisfaction. Our clients say it best.


central pa boudoir close up

Gina and Team were beyond amazing. They are 100% professional in such an intimate setting. They made me feel worthy, beautiful, confident, fearless, and sexy. This investment is worth every penny and then some. It changed my mind setting and that…is priceless.

I cannot recommend the 3mpower women enough. If you have any questions, reach out! They will answer them all in great detail.  Thank you so much, Ladies. 

Maybe I’ll do it again 🤔

Corey W.

we are available to discuss our process and session specific details


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