This guide is going to walk you through the process of what a boudoir shoot is and how the process works. We are excited to get you in the studio!

This guide will touch base on some of the key aspects to focus on prior to your session to ensure you are ready and confident for your boudoir photo-shoot.

Please take some time to start to think about what you might want to get for your final products from your session.  This detailed guide discusses many of our collections and payment options.

Waking up to see a few of your favorite images hanging on the wall next to your bed on our high gloss metal prints will give you a daily reminder of the strong woman you are, no matter what the day brings.

Our hair and make-up artist will be providing a look best suited to fit your needs, comfort level, and boost your confidence here at the studio.  Ultimately you will receive a beautiful look customized perfectly to you for your photos.

Wardrobe is an essential part of your boudoir session, using proper wardrobe that is not only beautiful but that flatters your body is just one of the many ways we ensure your session is a success. It doesn’t have to be complicated.



Join our exclusive Facebook Group today! We have a talented pool of high level photographers and previous clients that share their experience and provide guidance to make sure you are getting exactly what you’re looking for in your boudoir and beauty empowerment session.

If you pre-purchase your Collection, you can gain access to our exclusive Bonus Wardrobe and Speciality Set options! A prepayment of our minimum investment is required to be paid in full 60 days prior to your session date.

If you have a specific question we did not address in the guide, please let us know ASAP!

It is very important to us that we know you are excited and confident going into your session, and not worried over a small detail that can be addressed in a simple phone call, text, or email. 

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© 2023 | 3MPOWERWOMEN | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy