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Behind The Scenes Boudoir Photo Session

A glance into a full boudoir session in studio

We have many clients ask various questions on their Boudoir Empowerment experience, and every client is given a detailed consultation as well as numerous guides discussing all aspects (hair and makeup, posing, what to wear, etc.). For those of us who learn better visually we create behind the scenes video to show you examples of our photo sessions. It can give you an idea of what our studio looks like, our wardrobe options, amenities, as well as the overall flow and session process.

Reagan's session is a perfect example of an exclusive portrait session with 3mpower Women. The video above shows differing posing techniques on our dark backdrop as well as our minimalist bed setup.
Posing is a huge aspect of your empowerment shoot. Are you expected to know all the angles and ways to position your body? Of course not! Our team is here to coach you through the entire process - we know exactly what looks good and how to get the "perfect shot."

each image is carefully crafted to ensure your satisfaction. Our clients say it best.


modern boudoir vertical minimalist

I cannot rave about Gina and her team at 3mpower women enough. Seriously. I was so incredibly nervous to get my pictures taken, especially after a bad experience with a different photographer, but they put me at ease right away.

Before the shoot, they were friendly and communicative, happy to answer any questions I had about the shoot, the pricing and products, outfits, anything!
I was still nervous walking in that day, but from the second I met everyone, they were all fun, easy to talk to, and so complimentary. Which was awesome, because who doesn’t need their own hype (wo)man? They made taking all of these pictures a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Today I went to see all of pictures and order my album and I’m just completely in awe. I swear I’m not being dramatic when I say that I see myself differently now. I never considered myself to be attractive, let alone hot, but oh my God. They managed to photograph a side of me I didn’t know I had. I almost got emotional while I was there because I just couldn’t believe it was me in these pictures. Couldn’t believe that I could look that good, that confident, that comfortable in my own skin. As I told Gina as we were looking at my photos earlier, I want to rent a billboard just to put this photos on it.

This whole experience started as a gift for my fiance on our wedding day, but it’s ended up being just as much, if not more, a gift for me.

The only regret I have about the experience is that I didn’t do this sooner. I cannot thank all of you enough.


we are available to discuss our process and session specific details


SESSIONS starting at $500

5 Montego Ct. 
Dillsburg, PA 17019

09:30 AM – 04:30 PM
Monday – Saturday


Phone: 717-386-9263

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