Katie's Boudoir Experience

Beauty Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir Session – Katie


“Where do I begin?!


From the time of the consultation and booking phone calls I felt the 3mpower team was welcoming, extremely friendly, and there to answer any questions I had. 

I have never done anything like this before and was definitely nervous. The team greeted me with smiles and positive energy as they described the process for the day. 

It was an incredible experience and the team were my cheerleaders throughout the day: helping my pose, choosing the best outfits, and checking in. I had never got my make up done professionally before and I cannot say enough good things about GiGi, she was incredible! Gina, Emily, and Gabrielle were amazing to work with and so supportive! 

I was amazed when I got to see my pictures, which was a quick turn around of 5 days. 

Gina and Gabrielle have advice for choosing photos for my products. The photos were stunning! I am typically (unfortunately) critical of myself and did not find myself picking apart my appearance in the photos. 

I loved them all! I would recommend this experience for any woman who wants to do something for themselves and show some self-love!”

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Boudoir Session Tip


Do communicate with your stylist.


We want to give you a custom look that you LOVE. If you don’t like something – SPEAK UP! It is your responsibility to be honest with us if there is something you don’t like.


Please do this BEFORE the stylist packs up her kit. Once she leaves, there is no way for us to correct any issues.


We are here to serve YOU!


Please understand that “photo-ready” makeup can appear heavy in a mirror. The photography is going to tone-down the makeup pretty drastically.


If you are not used to wearing makeup, don’t be scared! We can provide you with a natural look that will photograph very well.

we are available to discuss our process and session specific details